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MIDI Controller

MIDI Controller
Brand: Buzz Electronics
Product Code: MIDI-Con
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Price: £99.95

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This pedal allows you control a MIDI device via Program Change Commands or Control Change Commands. Press the footswitches to send out your required commands and control your devices remotely.

Two versions are available: either Standard or Programmable, which can be selected by the option above:


Each switch is preset with a MIDI Program Change, e.g. Switch 1 is assigned to Program Change Command 1, Switch 2 Program Change Command 2, etc.. So pressing switch 1 sends out MIDI PC1 command.


Each switch can be programmed to send any Program Change Command and/or Control Change Command. Comes with a screen to display the current MIDI preset and can be programmable by the user prior to use.



  • MIDI switching - 128 Banks, 128 Programs and Full Control Change support
  • Compatiblte with a wide range of MIDI devices - e.g. EVH 5150III amp, Eventide Timefactor, etc..,
  • 3 Digit Display to show the current MIDI program (Programmable Version)


  • MIDI switching
  • Access to 128 MIDI Banks (0-127) & 128 MIDI Programs (0-127)
  • Silent Switches (with Smooth clickless action)
  • 5 Pin DIN socket for MIDI connection
  • Suitable for Live use
  • Unrivaled Quality
  • Diecast Aluminium Enclosure
  • Compact Size (230x145x55mm)
  • Bright LEDs for indication
  • Chrome LED Bezels
  • 3 Year Warranty
Number of Loops 8
Master Bypass Yes
Tuner Out No
Amp Channel Switch No
True Bypass Yes
Passive Yes
Power 2.1mm 9V DC Adapter (Negative Center)
Dimensions 230x145x55mm
Case Material Aluminium

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