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3 Looper with Bypass

3 Looper with Bypass
3 Looper with Bypass
Brand: Buzz Electronics
Product Code: 3Ch-By-La
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Price: £74.95

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Add True Bypass to 3 effects pedals and bypass them all at any time.

Plug your chosen effect pedals into the SEND and RECEIVE sockets, then engage or disengage them using the foot-switches. When one of the loops is 'off', your guitar sound is routed directly to your amp. When it is 'on', your signal is routed through the effects pedals.

Engage or disengage 3 effects pedal individually. Each loop is independent do you can have any combination active at once.

Press the bypass switch to bypass all pedals.

All 3 pedals can be engaged at once.


  • Add True Bypass to any effects pedal
  • Suitable for Live use
  • Bring 3 effects In or Out of your signal chain independently
  • Clean up your tone.


  • True Bypass Circuitary
  • 3PDT Footswitches
  • 100% Passive (The power is only for powering the LED)
  • Unrivaled Quality
  • Aluminium Enclosure
  • Compact Size (254x54x45mm)
  • Super Bright LEDs
  • Chrome LED Bezels
  • 3 Year Warranty
True Bypass Yes
Passive Yes (The Power is only for powering the LED)
Power Battery and/or 2.1mm 9V DC Adapter (30mA - Negative Center)
Dimensions 254x54x45mm
Case Material Aluminium

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