Artist Reviews


David Crunden (Custom Remote Switched 5 Looper and 5 Button Footswitch)


Guillaume Schiavo (Custom Programmable Looper )

Oli Brown (Programmable 5 Looper and Black Quad Patch Pedal)

Ignacio DePaz (Programmable MIDI 12 Looper)

David Maas (Programmable 5 Looper)

Pablo Lorenzo (Black Programmable MIDI 8 Looper)


Cedric Perutin (Black Programmable MIDI 8 Looper)


Mark (Black Programmable 8 Looper)


Chuck Stevens (Black Programmable 8 Looper)


Pet Wilkman / Sodom Truckers (Programmable 12 Looper)

"I had Octa-Switch for many years and always felt, it's too big and still there isn't enough variations for my effects.
Luckily I found Buzz Electronics Programmable 12 Looper. This gives me enough space for my effects so I don't
have to use a football field sized pedalboard

Steve Crawford (Programmable 10 Looper Inline)




Fernando Nunez (Programmable 12 Looper)

Alvaro Martín Gómez Acevedo (Programmable 8 Looper)

 Mathieu Plamondon (Programmable MIDI 12 Looper)


 Gary Taylor - (Programmable 6 Looper) - New York Tourists

Joe Hine (14 Looper)

Myke Stuart (Programmable 3 Looper)


The Lo Lands (Black Programmable 8 Looper)

Upon Reason -  (Inline Programmable 7 Looper with Master Bypass) - Upon Reason

Jo Cowe -  (Programmable 4 Looper)

 Mark Sims (Programmable 4 Looper)

A Hofmann (Inline Programmable 6 Looper with Dual Amp Switch)

Karl Shuttleworth - Silences Rises (Single Looper)


I got the pedal on Friday and used it live Friday night... Worked like a dream!
Thanks a lot for turning it around so quickly and the pedal is quality. I will be recommending you to my friends.

Dirk Scheuer (Programmable 8 Looper)

Carl Stuart-MacRae (Programmable 5 Looper)
"This pedal makes life so much easier when playing live where one click and I have the exact tone dialed in. I have never been to much into pedals however now started i suspect is a slippery slope! :-)"

Pete Randall (Single Looper)
Thanks very much, that's great! I don't know if you're interested in where the kit you sell ends up, but this piece will be going on the road next month with these guys: when they support Frank Turner,

Andrew Beckner (Triple Looper)

Dan Burke (Programmable 8 Looper & Buffer)

Gerald Vincent (Black Programmable 8 Looper)

Jacopo Andreussi  (Programmable 8 Looper)
"I've received the pedal today..great product, a sort of tank with switches! Probably you have simplified my musical life forever 
Thank you very much and continue to create products like that!"

Jan Haesevoets (Black Programmable 8 Looper)

Casey Clougherty (8 Looper)
Here's my pedalboard 1.0. Still a work in progress but I can't believe what a difference the octo-looper makes. My rig is more versatile, easier to find, fix and bypass problems because my back up rig is built in! Capacitance is down and tone is up!  

Lawrence Guillaume (AB Switch & Green ABC Switch)


Patrick Capaul (Programmable 8 Looper)

(Single Looper with footswitch input)

Andres Fiello (Programmable 8 Looper)
The pedal is great! I disassembled the pedal for painting and let me tell you that the quality is rock solid. Great solder joints and nice stiff wiring. I don't think anything could really damage this. Works great and practically eliminates tap dancing!

Oliver Borchers (Programmable 8 Looper & Double Looper)

Robin French (Turnerfield Blues Band) (Single Looper)
Here is a picture of my single looper pedal, it works a treat.

Zachary Barnett (Instant 5 Looper - before and after self paint job)


Brian Schultz 5 Looper


Andre Burguiere (Programmable 8 Looper)

(Programmable 8 Looper with 2 On/Off loops)

(Double Looper)






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